Split Air Conditioner

Among all possible alternatives of air conditioners, people prefer using the split AC as it better for cooling effect for single or multiple numbers of rooms. However, central AC is better alternative for cooling the entire residence, though it is a little expensive. If you are willing seriously to install a split ac at your residence in New York City, then you must find HVAC NYC your best companion. The company is the one-stop-shop for all the services to your AC. We offer the best services for everything that you need for your Air conditioners. You would find everything right from split air conditioner installation to split air conditioner repair.


The technicalities behind the working of a split AC are extremely complicated and that is why the technicians must be well-aware of everything that is required to make it work well. For example, the split AC installation is done in multiple phases where the installers are required to install two different units that make this system complete. HVAC NYC has expert technicians who are expert in everything including installation, maintenance, and repair. They take their responsibility with full care and maintain every little thing that can hampers the outcome. With our AC installation service in NYC, you can be confident about the standards.

Maintenance – A specialty of HVAC NYC

It is true. Most of our clients show their satisfaction with our maintenance and service. Our leadership is undisputed and most of our clients accept this as well. We bank upon the expertise of our technical team of split AC repairers. They are versatile as they have the technical knowledge of all leading brands of split air conditioning devices. We pay attention towards making our technicians even more expert by dint of holding special training classes. We hold these special training schedules as and when a new technology is launched inn the market. We not only try to make the task look easier but also to enhance the performance of the AC. You can rely upon the expertise of our technicians who are really capable of providing you total split AC maintenance.

Service – Our Strength

Though Split AC maintenance in NYC is our specialty, our real strength lies in split ac repair in New York City. Most of our clients are full of praise for our service and facilities that we usually provide them with. Our expertise have been trusted and verified by a large number of clients from all over New York City, it is now your turn. Visit us NOW for all your split air conditioner maintenance needs.